Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub, the #1 Burlesque Nightclub in the world, features DJs, dancing and of course, Kane's famous burlesque. The first Nightclub in an Atlantic City Casino to offer striptease, Royal Jelly promises an experience unlike anything previously offered or imagined.

Burlesque entered the pop culture lexicon with the phenomenal success of Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce in Hollywood and Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Now Kane brings his legendary concept east, creating Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub exclusively for Revel Casino Hotel.

Explains Kane, "We are definitely a nightclub, but what we're not is just four walls, lights and sound." The world-press all agree. "Royal Jelly is the original burlesque nightclub ... the gold standard in burlesque."

The dramatic centerpiece of Kane's nightclub-in-the-round is a large circular "flying" catwalk (designed by Show Canada of Cirque du Soleil fame) that glides down over the bar, which the Royal Jelly girls dance on and hang from. At the front of the room, a DJ spins an open format dance-party groove on a revolving stage.

When anticipation builds to a palpable crescendo, the stage spins the DJ off and a live band on, to start one of Kane's highly produced burlesque shows. Explains Kane, "It's a highly-charged atmosphere, designed to push the envelope of decadence, sexuality and voyeurism."

Kicking off after-hours every night at 2 a.m. is Royal Jelly's world-famous, in-your-face, Rock n Roll burlesque extravaganza. Six Royal Jelly dancers, a live rock band and an over-the-top light show leave the crowd spent as confetti drops over the packed cheering crowd.

For the first time ever, Kane has expanded his nightlife program to include burlesque lessons on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, taught by the renowned Royal Jelly dancers.

Revel and Royal Jelly

April 2012 marked the highly anticipated arrival of Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub at Revel. A mammoth 2.4 billion dollar resort, Revel is Atlantic City’s 12th and largest Casino, with 6.3 million square feet of beachfront property. The impressive structure boasts a 130,000 square foot gaming floor (featuring 2,500 slot machines and a 37 table poker room), 1,898 guest rooms (all with ocean views), 14 restaurants, a 31,000 square foot spa, a 55,000 square foot shopping arcade, two theaters and 10 pools. Revel rivals any casino in Las Vegas and is the most impressive casino in all of Atlantic City and "Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub is one of its main attractions."

Royal Jelly is the latest project of famed nightlife innovator Ivan Kane and has quickly introduced a new standard of nightlife and entertainment along the East Coast Gaming Industry. Royal Jelly features DJs, dancing and of course Kane’s famous burlesque and is the first venue of its kind to offer striptease in an Atlantic City Casino.

Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub takes its cues for development, production and operations from Kane’s previous endeavors, most notably Kane’s legendary Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce (a mainstay in Hollywood and Vegas nightlife). Forty Deuce’s first-of-its-kind concept and design contributed to Kane's unparalleled brand recognition.

"The objective was really to take the Forty Deuce experience to the next level," says Kane, whose projects have garnered press worldwide and celebrity endorsements. Kane’s stages have been graced by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Sightings include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Mick Jagger, to name a few. The ultimate validation of Kane’s artistic vision came when David Bowie and Forty Deuce regular Sting partnered with Kane on a burlesque project.

As a nightlife venue comprised not only of traditional components like DJs and dancing but also live music and performances, the venue’s complexity makes it difficult to quantify. Kane summarizes the madness eloquently, referring to his principal of "Nightlife as Art" to define the Royal Jelly brand.

With renowned success on the West Coast, Kane chose to launch his East Coast flagship in Atlantic City, which serves as the primary hub to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Royal Jelly promises an experience unlike anything previously offered or imagined, attracting an expansive audience base because of its unique format. An impressive six-month media push for Revel and Royal Jelly resulted in staggering demand for the club and its shows, with reservations booking months in advance.

Royal Jelly’s success can only be attributed to Kane’s hands-on approach and impeccable taste, from all stages of conceptualization, architectural design, décor, content, programming, casting, rehearsals, promotions, operations and standards of service ... simply put, Kane is creator, facilitator, host and even MC!

Royal Jelly Design

The vision for Royal Jelly began in 2007 while Kane was operating Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Revel CEO Kevin DeSanctis paid Kane a visit at the Vegas hotspot to discuss Revel's market position and propose Kane's involvement. Five years later their vision was realized.

To achieve the unique look and feel Kane needed for Royal Jelly, he recruited famed Interior Designer Jason Volenec, founder of Jason Volenec Studio, a Manhattan based boutique design firm. With a staunch media presence, recent Volenec projects of note include La Bodega Negra (London), Tertulia (New York), Swine (New York) and the recent renovation of the legendary Joe's Pub (New York).

Kane and Volenec enjoyed a symbiotic relationship on two previous Kane projects. First, designing the sets for a Forty Deuce burlesque tour and more recently in Hollywood, where they conspired on the interior design of Kane's cabaret project, Ivan Kane's Caf� Was, a bistro and live music venue. With Kane's legendary fusion of entertainment and impeccable quality, Caf� Was was named "L.A.'s best music scene." Actor Jeff Goldblum and his renowned jazz group The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra played a Monday night residency to standing-room only crowds.

Once inside Royal Jelly's 8,500 square foot nightclub-in-the-round, what strikes one immediately is the flow of the intimate yet surprisingly ample space. As the music and club lights invade your senses, it's the patrons dancing in the entrance, the hallways, on the steps, throughout the main floor, in the VIP sections, on the stage and even waiting for the bathrooms that makes you realize � at Royal Jelly the party is everywhere!

The main feature of the room, which serves as the dramatic centerpiece around which everything else revolves, is a large circular catwalk (designed by Show Canada of Cirque du Soleil fame) that flies down from above over the main circular bar, which the Royal Jelly girls dance on and acrobatically defy gravity hanging from.

At the front of the room a revolving stage plays host to the DJ, spinning an open format dance-party groove, Rock, R&B, Top 40 and Hip Hop. When the anticipation builds to a palpable crescendo, the turntable spins the DJ off and the live band on to start one of Kane's highly-produced burlesque and light shows, offering a steady transition through the night's itinerary. Combined cost of sound and lights alone exceeded two million dollars.

While the main stage is located at the front of the venue, performers of Royal Jelly are not limited to just one location. A runway magically extends from beneath the stage to bridge the gap between the stage and the main bar, which has a circular bar-top designed extra-wide to serve as another platform for performances. With the dancers placed in the center of the room, they become immersed in the crowd, providing an interactive, up-close and personal experience for the revelers.

Once the show ends, the bridge disappears and the DJ spins back on, taking the crowd to bacchanalian heights, inspiring female patrons to fulfill their fantasies by gracing the stage. At all of Kane's burlesque-infused venues in Hollywood, Las Vegas and now Atlantic City, female patrons consistently outnumber males, approximately 63%. Explains Kane, "We're not a strip club. When the shows go on the world stands still. It's the level of talent, costuming and choreography that makes jaws drop, not just the choreographed striptease."

The VIP areas are strategically laid out on different elevations throughout the venue to maximize customer experience. Seating is roped-off, spacious and equipped with private dance poles, providing customers ample room to dance, mingle and view the night's performances. Says Kane, "the design gives patrons front row access to each show from anywhere in the room."

Just above the main room in the mezzanine is the venue's second bar and lounge that provides guests with a "balcony view" of the main floor and shows. Over the bar is a large mirror that reflects the party below, when all of a sudden lights goes on behind the two-way mirror, revealing more dancers in Royal Jelly's signature go-go outfits of bedazzled nude panties and nude mesh bras with Swarovski pasties.

The Mezzanine is perfect for parties of five to fifty, while the venue's design features a series of curtains that can privatize any area to accommodate parties of any size.

Art installations on the walls throughout the venue die into the offset, rich paneling to warm the space with "Basquiat-inspired graffiti erotica," composed of layers that emerge seductively through multiple viewings.

At Royal Jelly, what you don't see is often more impressive than what you do. The backstage area spans the entire venue, hugging the perimeter with passageways and backstage alleys. Patrons celebrating in VIP sections are often surprised by the Royal Jelly dancers who seem to appear out of nowhere.

"It's a highly-charged atmosphere, designed to push the envelope of decadence, sexuality and voyeurism."