Casino Go-Go Bar

At the entrance to Royal Jelly is the lively burlesque-themed gaming area and bar called the "Royal Jelly Casino Go-Go Bar," which operates with extended hours. Patrons flock here from all points of the casino floor, drawn by the old-school scintillating marquee bulbs of the vintage sign and a wall-sized video screen that offers a "sneak-peak" of what's to come.

As Patrons approach the venue, eyes are drawn to the suspended catwalks above the gaming tables, with glass floors that provide customers a unique view of the dancers as they strut the catwalks overhead. Understandably, it is consistently the busiest Black Jack pit on the casino floor!

Next to the gaming tables is a semi-circular bar with an elevated two-tiered stage behind it, complete with brass pole, featuring a Royal Jelly headliner. Another Royal Jelly girl dances down the bar itself, deftly navigating martinis, cocktails and menus to the delight of the astonished bar crowd. As the understandably distracted gamblers watch, yet another Royal Jelly girl dances on the catwalks above. The party rages on and the high-energy DJ music fills the space with a dance-party vibe ... and you're not even inside the club yet!

Patrons waiting in the ever-present line for the club are enthralled by this circus of excitement and engaged by the refined sexuality that is Royal Jelly.