Ivan Kane Biography

A native New Yorker, Kane grew up a Broadway fanatic, "second-acting" shows by sneaking in with the smokers after intermission when he couldn't afford the price of a ticket. He became a successful triple threat; singing, acting and dancing on stage before segueing into films with a role in Oliver Stone's Best Picture Oscar-winning Platoon, which prompted him to drive cross-country in 1986 to pursue a film career in LA.

After several film roles, among them Born on the Fourth of July and Bound, to name a few, and numerous television appearances, Kane wrote a screenplay which HBO produced and aired as the HBO Original Movie No Alibi, starring Eric Roberts and Dean Cain.

Kane took a left turn in 1997 and put all his savings into buying a bar on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood opposite Paramount Studios, which he gutted, redesigned and opened as the eponymously named Kane. "I didn't just want a cookie-cutter club," explains Kane, "I wanted high concept." Kane was one part 60's Vegas Rat Pack, one part 70's Superfly cool. A female, Cleopatra Jones type DJ played nothing but funk and was flanked by two Go-Go dancers in bra and panties. The intimate venue, a kind of sweaty house of soul, drew an A-list crowd of celebrities lined up around the block.

Three years later, Kane opened Deep on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, an homage to early idol, All That Jazz and Cabaret director/choreographer Bob Fosse. The nightclub, infamous for "pushing the envelope in terms of sexuality, voyeurism and decadence," was featured in Steven Soderburgh's film Ocean's 11. The nightclub had a plexiglas box over the dance floor and two Amsterdam-style rooms over the bar behind two-way mirrors, where dancers performed stylized ménage a trois. "Nightlife as art. It was hot!"

Ivan Kane redefined burlesque and put it back on the map in 2002 when Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce was launched in Hollywood. Kane literally dragged the concept of pre-pole dancing striptease into the 21st century, using a live three-piece jazz combo swingin' the vibe ... sax, drums and stand-up bass. Kane also introduced Rock n Roll burlesque to L.A., an audacious, in-your-face burlesque extravaganza with an over-the-top light show, six dancers and a live rock concert vibe with original vocals that turned up the volume to eleven and left everyone spent as confetti dropped over the packed, cheering crowd.

The rest is history ... with Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Burlesque Nightclub completely transforming what nightlife could be.

This led Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to come knocking, so Kane opened a branch of Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce in Las Vegas. Bravo documented the Vegas opening in the hit four-part reality series Forty Deuce, directed by Zalman King, executive produced by Kane and starring Kane, Champagne Suzy (his wife) and of course, the dancers.

Best known for always expanding the genre, Kane has established "some of the country's trendiest shows and nightclubs; built around spectacle and unmatched ambience. The vintage naughtiness and the pulsating rhythms of modern music are blended into a seamless scenario of nightly seduction!"