Press Quotes

"Ivan Kane has almost single-handedly made nightlife sexy." - Vegas Magazine

"Club puts new bloom on old va-va-va voom." - USA Today

"... Kane is the West Coast nightlife impresario who pretty much created the "new burlesque" movement in the last decade." -

"The original burlesque show to which all others are compared." -

"... entertainment like no other casino in town." -

"It would make the old Rat Pack feel right at home." - Access Hollywood

"Best burlesque show in town." - Access Hollywood

"Recently, Nicole (Kidman) and I have been going to Forty Deuce ... Nicole and I are awestruck!" - Naomi Watts on David Letterman

"The hottest spot in L.A. is Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce." - New York Post

"One of the hottest clubs around!" - E! Entertainment Television

"L.A.’s hottest night spot- the retro Forty Deuce." - EXTRA

"Take an old school walk on the wild side." - Los Angeles Magazine

"The trendsetter of the feather boa revival is Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce!" - Rolling Stone Magazine

"A return to Rat Pack roots wrapped around the best burlesque shows ..." - TIME Magazine

"Top 10 Young Hollywood Obsessions: Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce." - Movieline’s Hollywood Life

"An intimate, classy lounge where women titillate." - New York Times

"Back-alley striptease lounge created by club great Ivan Kane." - LA Confidential

"Where do stars go when they want to party? Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce!" - Entertainment Tonight

"The art of taking it off has taken off in Hollywood." - Entertainment Weekly

"Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce celebrates striptease as an art form." - Los Angeles Times

"This is truly burlesque reinvented, as only Ivan Kane can do." - The Los Angeles Times

"Forty Deuce is the cherry on top of LA’s saucy scene." - Los Angeles Times

"The club king, Ivan Kane, is at the vanguard of the scene." - The Daily Telegraph ~ London

"The twenties-style speakeasy is drawing Hollywood’s A-list." - Travel + Leisure

"... a nightclub in the round with DJs and dancing complemented by the drama and excitement of the burlesque shows." -

"... Master of burlesque." - Courier Post

"... integrates the nightclub experience with a concert and Broadway show elements." - The Wall Street Journal

"... Amazing dancers, classy execution ... lots of taste ... great club!" - The Hollywood Reporter

"... If you’re in the mood for some classic burlesque ... stroll your gams over to Forty Deuce." - Maxim Magazine

"Speakeasy chic ..." - InStyle Magazine

"There is NOTHING like it in LA." - LA.COM

"Like a diamond in the rough ... one stumbles upon a gem in Los Angeles – Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce." - LA2Day

"... the performances will seduce your fantasy to get lost in the Forty Deuce experience." - LA2Day

"... a sparkling and refreshing Hollywood phenomenon!" - LA2Day

"... scintillating performances enjoyed by both female and male patrons." - LA2Day

"A show that will blow you away. The musicianship is phenomenal. This blonde goddess brought the house down. This is the ultimate Las Vegas burlesque show!" -

"... no detail has been overlooked in crafting the perfect ambience." - M Lifestyle Magazine

"The vibe is audacious, seductive and thrilling." - M LifeStyle

"... they can dance circles around Madonna." (referring to Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly dancers) - Daily Variety

"You could see more skin, but you couldn’t have more fun." - Daily Variety

"... a postmodern speakeasy hopping with frantic energy ..." - The Las Vegas CityLife

"Kane’s club remains the crown jewel here (Las Vegas)." - The Las Vegas CityLife

"... (Forty Deuce) makes night clubbers feel their sexy best." - Las Vegas Travel Guide

"... a sexual energy you won’t find anywhere else." - Poker Life Magazine

"Kane has established some of the country’s trendiest clubs; built around spectacle and unmatched ambience." - Poker Life Magazine

"Kane’s name has become a rubber stamp of approval for the (nightlife) industry." - Poker Life Magazine

"These women are HOT." - Las Vegas Magazine

"... vintage naughtiness and the pulsating rhythms of modern music are blended into a seamless scenario of nightly seduction." - Vegas Essential Magazine

"This venue is one of the most unique and engaging in town. Service impeccable; performers put on the best burlesque show in Vegas!" - Vegas Essential Magazine

"Unlike any other cocktail saloon in town, dropping by Forty Deuce is a must to complete any Sin City weekend." - Las Vegas Magazine

"I enjoy going with my wife to Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce ... it’s sexy and provocative." - E.T co-anchor Mark Steines to Las Vegas Magazine

"Club impresario, Ivan Kane ... is out to reclaim the top spot with his new revue, Royal Jelly!" - Angeleno Magazine