Hollywood (1997-2002)

This first nightclub from Ivan Kane immediately set the standard for clubs to come. Kane was one part 60's Vegas Rat Pack, one part 70's Superfly cool with a Cleopatra Jones type DJ playing nothing but funk, flanked by two Go-Go dancers in bra and panties. The intimate venue, a kind of sweaty house of soul, drew an A-list crowd of celebrities lined up around the block.

Hollywood (2000-2005)

Deep, on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, was Kane's homage to early idol, All That Jazz and Cabaret director/choreographer Bob Fosse. This nightclub, infamous for pushing the envelope in terms of sexuality, voyeurism and decadence, was featured in Steven Soderburgh's film Ocean's 11. Dancers performed stylized ménage a trios over the dance floor in a plexiglas box and in Amsterdam-style rooms over the bar behind two-way mirrors.

Hollywood (2002-2007)

Ivan Kane redefined burlesque and put it back on the map when Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce was launched in Hollywood. Kane literally dragged the concept of pre-pole dancing striptease into the 21st century with its world-famous head-turning headliners and live three-piece jazz combo of sax, drums and stand-up bass. Explains Kane, "The spotlight comes on, the girls come out and the dresses come off. The room erupts in hoots and hollers as pasties twirl and the girls blow a kiss and disappear behind the sequined curtain."

Kane also introduced Rock n Roll burlesque to L.A., an audacious, in-your-face, burlesque extravaganza with an over-the-top light show, six dancers and a live rock concert vibe with original vocals that turned up the volume to eleven and left everyone spent as confetti dropped over the packed, cheering crowd.

The rest is history ... with Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Burlesque Nightclub completely transforming what nightlife could be.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (2004-2009)

Kane opened a branch of Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Burlesque Nightclub in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Increasing the size of the original club but keeping the design intimate, the Vegas Forty Deuce quickly established itself as the must-see club in Vegas and prompted its own reality show on Bravo. Of the Sin City venue, Vegas Magazine said "Ivan Kane has almost single-handedly made nightlife sexy."

Bravo (2005)

"For those in the know, there is a burlesque club tucked away in Hollywood called Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce. This Bravo 4-part series shadows its owner, nightlife visionary Ivan Kane, as he aspires to open a spin-off club in Las Vegas' celebrated Mandalay Bay. The show also follows Kane around the world as he searches for dancers that can achieve the level of excellence his burlesque demands." The show brought Forty Deuce to international attention when it gained cult status in London on the BBC. Directed by Zalman King (Nine 1/2 Weeks, Red Shoe Diaries) and Executive Produced by Ivan Kane

Hollywood (2007-2011)

"Once past the burnt-out neon sign that gave Café Was its name, you enter Ivan Kane's new bistro, bar and cabaret ... the coolest room in Hollywood! Celebrity driven and hipster heavy, Ivan Kane's Café Was redefines bohemian chic."

Whether dining on bistro fare at tables, hanging out at the bar sipping absinthe or sitting on the grand staircase leading nowhere listening to Jeff Goldblum and his orchestra play jazz on the rotating turntable, this smoky, sexy, supper club defines a new beat generation.

Revel, Atlantic City (2012)

The Burlesque Nightclub from club king Ivan Kane finally opens on the East coast at Revel, the 2.5 billion dollar Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.