Ivan Kane’s Burlesque

Forty Deuce and Royal Jelly Burlesque as conceived, directed and produced by Ivan Kane comes in many flavors ... Superfly Funk (Hollywood, Forty Deuce Tour), Latin (Los Angeles, created for Sheila E. and the world-famous Conga Room), Rock n Roll (Hollywood, Las Vegas, Forty Deuce Tour), Original Classic Jazz (Hollywood, Las Vegas, Forty Deuce Tour) and Stormy Monday Male Burlesque (Hollywood, Las Vegas).

Currently in rotation at Royal Jelly in Atlantic City is the world-famous Forty Deuce Classic burlesque show, featuring a swingin' jazz trio (stand-up bass, wailin' sax and drums) and the head-turning headliners that put Kane's burlesque on the map. Kicking off after-hours every night at 2 a.m. is the audacious in-your-face Rock n Roll burlesque extravaganza with six Royal Jelly dancers, a live rock concert with original vocals that turns up the volume to eleven and an over-the-top light show, leaving everyone spent as confetti drops over the packed, cheering crowd.

Says Kane, "Down beat happens when the crowd simply can't wait any more," who then pulls the trigger and the first burlesque show of the night finally begins. The spotlight comes on, the girls come out and the dresses come off. The room erupts in hoots and hollers as pasties twirl and the girls blow a kiss and disappear behind the sequined curtain.

The party doesn't stop there though and rages till dawn as the DJ keeps the jam-packed house dancing!